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And I’ve begun! June 29, 2008

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We were all at our wits end to get this half way done!!!

Would you call reading other people’s blogs nosey or educational??  I guess I get a little of both when I read blogs. It’s always nice to see you’re not the only crazy or normal person in the world. My husband has been into blogging for a while and since 95% of the population is blogging now I figured I’d throw my 2 cents in!! Whether I sound like a crazy insane mom of 3 stressed to the limits or a completely boring person, I am who I am and am daily trying to become more like my awesome creator!  I fail..lots…so you will read..but I absolutely LOVE my life as a church planting pastors wife and soon to be mom of 3 beautiful kids!!! I can truly say, “I’VE GOT IT GOOD”!!  So let the games begin! 


Hello world!

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